Invited Lectures

  1. José F. Cariñena, TBA
  2. Manuel de León, Recent results in Hamilton-Jacobi theory
  3. Dionigi Galletto, TBA
  4. Janusz Grabowski, Tulczyjew triples and Dirac algebroids
  5. Katarzyna Grabowska, TBA
  6. Anders Kock, Monads and extensive quantities
  7. Yvette Kosmann-Schwarzbach, Nijenhuis structures on Courant algebroids
  8. Francois Laudenbach, Morse complex for manifolds with boundary, $A_\infty$-structures and application to classical links
  9. Charles-Michel Marle, From Statics to Dynamics: equations which govern equilibria and motions of mechanical systems
  10. Alexander Mishchenko, Generalization of the Sullivan construction for Transitive Lie Algebroids

Shorter lectures

  1. Bogdan Balcerzak, Stokes' theorem on Lie algebroids and some of its applications
  2. Antonio De Nicola, Reduction of Poisson-Nijenhuis Lie algebroids
  3. Vasyl Fedorchuk, On non-singular manifolds in the space m(1; 4) x r(u) invariant under the non-conjugate subgroups of the Poincare group p(1; 4) on non-singular manifolds in the space m(1; 4)
  4. Olga Krupkova, AFFINE DUALITY, AND LAGRANGIAN AND HAMILTONIAN SYSTEMS (joint with David Saunders)
  5. Quitzeh Morales Meléndez, Bordisms of cocompact manifolds with proper action of a discrete group
  6. Giovanni Moreno, A cohomological formalism for natural boundary conditions
  7. Michel Nguiffo Boyom, Gauge deformation and Statistical Models
  8. Norbert Poncin, Higher Loday algebras
  9. Noureddine Rahmani, Geometric Properties of the 6-dimensional generalized Heisenberg group
  10. Salima Rahmani, Lorentzian geometry on three dimensional unimodular Lie groups and Applications
  11. Jose Ribeiro, Generalization of the Sullivan construction for Transitive Lie Algebroids
  12. David Saunders, Double structures and jets
  13. Vladimir Sharko, Crossed complexes and applications
  14. Luca Vitagliano, Multisymplectic Geometry and Infinite Jets
  15. Artur Woike, Curvature construction of symplectic forms and symplectomorphism groups